Death Star Trainer – Version 0.7

Game Year: 2019
Genre: rebel, animation, sf, space station, hot girls
Category: Erotic Games 2D/3D
Censorship: No
Language : English

Game Information:

DSTrainer is the slutty daughter of “Something Unlimited” and “Akabur” after they did a Double-P to “Star Wars”. You will play as Vader.

Your main goal is to capture and pervert all the Iconic Girls in the Galaxy. Just put them into a cell, and break them slowly with words, gifts, teases and by force until they’re willing to obey you.

But be aware, after the rebellion destroyed the last Death Star, the Empire is low on resources!

So you will also have to put those girls to work. They can perform in the Cantina or the Empereor’s Bordello. Use those earnings to capture more girls, hire bounty hunters, upgrade your space station, and finally defeat those rebel scums! The game has 14 unique Star Girls, and you Gotta Catch ’Em All!

New in version 0.7:

NEW OFFICER: Darth Talon! (New 3D model with more than 25 new & handcrafted expressions)
NEW OFFICER: COUNT DOOKU! (Imported model)
New Handcrafted 3D Scenarios: The Bordello (3D scenario means that I will start placing characters inside the scenes)
New Backgrounds: Bordello & SetUp Rooms (in the Bordello)
New Area: Booba Fett!
Improved Feature: “Bet & Gamble” in the Cantina! (New source of Income!) (Still in test)
Improved Feature: GUI Texts have been checked!
Improved Feature: Intro texts have been checked and improved!
(and still few more things that I will add when I launch the second part of the release with more content)
ChangeLog for DST v0.4 Bantha



Download Game – 124 MB


Download Game – 131 MB

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